Articulately Branded and Innovated for USA

ABI USA Group and all its members express a sincere gratitude for your interest in ABI and its products.


Core Identity

  • An industry leading provider of gift packaging and party supplies.
  • Drastic and vertical growth due to aggressive product development.
  • International reputation as one of the most reliable business partners for its proven business ethics and principals.
  • This naturally translates to our limitless potent in sourcing new designs and ability in the area of research and development of new products.
  • Over 50 years of aggregated international trade experience and know-how always outpace the competitions, a half a step ahead.


Core Strength

  • Our sourcing territory and its realm extends, but not limited to, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia and European Countries, like Germany and France.
  • Our investment in R&D topples any of our competitors out there.
  • Our restless and endless pursuit in pioneering and exploring a new product, based on our
  • Strong belief that our customers' demand and need for new generation of products and ideas.


Core Principle

  • We, at our best, must honor the commitments to customers and vendors in any circumstances.
  • We are not an opportunistic 'close-out profiteer'.  Rather, we did, do and will work with businesses that look for consistency, reliability and endlessly self-developing company for we surely value our great service and effort of our human resources.
  • Rest assured.  Feel comfortable and trustworthy to build your business link and collaboration with ABI for your success.  Let us be part of your dream.


For many years, our products, with sincere customer service, have reached out west coast to east coast and from the boarder states of north to the south. We proudly, but humbly serve all our customers, regardless of who you are. The win-win was out motto of years, now, it has changed to win-win-win; with today's fast global economy, our suppliers are as important as our customers; through which we all can survive together.

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